Black Propaganda, № 2: The “Big Lie”

Black Maria Creative

J.A. Krupka

April 5th, 2021

Moving on from my last piece in which I defined the concept of ‘black propaganda,’ I want to talk about this new term that’s being parroted on the left; and that, of course, is the concept of the ‘big lie’ in our contemporary political discourse.

If you want to jump away from this article and google the term — particularly the Wikipedia page that the search-engine will source — you’ll see a rough definition of the ’big lie’ that claims it was first coined by Adolf Hitler. And to paraphrase the definition of a ‘big lie,’ from what this Wikipedia page purports it to be: “A lie so big that’s perpetuated on and on until it’s perceived to be true… a German propaganda method — ,” so on and so forth.

Now the first time I heard this recently was in a television interview with Stacey Abrams, the savior of the Democratic Party (if you listen to sycophants on Twitter). And when she used this term, saying ‘big lie’ over and over again, soon the entire leftist political apparatus started echoing this ‘big lie.

“The big lie that Donald Trump is pushing — ,” Abrams said, once again paraphrasing, “ — this big lie that led to the Capital insurrection an’ feeding into white supremacist terrorists…”

And this ‘big lie,’ I’m sure the reader is aware, is the appeals process that Trump took, along with this “stolen election” narrative that our former president was using at the end of 2020. As for Abrams’ white supremacists and the connection of the ‘big lie’ — using one of Hitler’s euphemism, this overwrought term of “white supremacy,” along with the law in Georgia — well there’s certainly no coincidence there.

Even as a Democrat, I think we can all appreciate the condition our government would be in, if the filibuster is abandoned. But that’s exactly what Stacey Abrams wants, to get rid of the filibuster.

Stacey Abrams, Propagandist

There is no doubt that Abrams is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to organizing and motivating the Democratic base for an upcoming vote; and flipping Georgia “blue” for her party was no small feat, in a jurisdiction traditionally dominated by Republicans and conservative politics.

It can be debated on whether or not this was a response to Donald Trump getting involved in the Georgia election, a hugely unpopular figure for many on the right and left of the aisle.

But after watching Abrams’ interview for a couple minutes, I started to get a little suspicious just because — well, this is Stacey Abrams we’re talking about here — but the way she was speaking in such an alarmist tone about the HR 1 legislation was really disconcerting.

The truth of the matter though — from an objective perspective — is that optically, from the context of past experience, this election seemed to be a bit fishy.

Stacey Abrams doesn’t acknowledge this. Nobody does on the political left. But I’m fairly certain that the narrative would’ve been a stolen election, had the results gone the other way on November 3rd. There was a story that cropped up about Russian interference in the 2020 election in the days immediately following the big denouement — before the results were finalized for a Biden victory — but quickly that went away as soon as they had cropped up.

A Different Election

And before you wig out and say that I’m denying the election results, let me explain that point:

Both candidates in the presidential election received a huge tally of votes, but most of Trump’s numbers were recorded on the ledger the day of the election rather than through mail-in ballots. Voters could see a staggering Trump lead in all the battleground states at 11 PM PST on election night, November 3rd. In every other election before this, the candidate who led by midnight went on to win the race.

Trump had a million-plus vote lead in Michigan — in a state with 6.6 million voters — before Wayne County was tallied, which Donald Trump carried in 2016. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, there’s only 1.2 million voters in Wayne; so observers are to believe that there are no Republican voters in Wayne County.

It’s statistically impossible… but there were other counties that hadn’t reported all of their mail-in ballots; and the state committee that certifies elections declined to examine the results any further. Oh well, right?

Yeah, I don’t really object to this — I have no vested interest in Trump winning an election — but to say that there was nothing odd about this, that there wasn’t a reason to challenge the election, it’s a bit on the side of “bullshit.”

I say let the truth come out — we’ve tolerated endless challenges to election results before for other candidates — particularly Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election. And what’s more, these states had never previously implemented mail-in balloting; so as a fairly independent observer, I could see Trump’s rationale for at least an initial challenge to the results.

I’m not saying I support the whole “Stop the Steal” thing — still I’m not at all a proponent of HR 1, or any overreach of the federal government — but it’s something to think about if we’re being honest. This election was not without scruples; there were and are examples of voting fraud in every election, let alone an election during a pandemic; and the presidency was actually won with 40,000 votes over three (3) battleground states.

Because Stacey Abrams is a Democrat, if this was four years ago before the whole Russian conspiracy, I would’ve trusted this woman being interviewed on CNN — making the rounds of all the MSM, center-left pundits’ shows — imploring the public to Tweet about this so-called ‘big lie’ and make bombastic claims about it. But that was before she and all her cohort took a big ol’ dump on their credibility; not only with me, but many other informed voters.

I remember CNN’s lies, Rachel Maddow’s wild conspiracy theories, the entire mainstream media pumping speculation about the Mueller Report for months and months on national television. As a Democratic voter, I fully expected Trump to be arrested in the Oval Office because I listened to MSNBC and CNN in this era without fact-checking the everlasting shit out of their bullshit narrative.

And also I was in prison for most of Obama’s second term, in his home-state of Illinois… for marijuana possession of all things. All we had was CNN and the other mainstream outlets, not even Fox News to give a different perspective while I was there.

Georgia’s Voter ID Law

But hearing Abrams’ charges, I read up on the legislation in Georgia, and there’s no way in hell you can call this “Jim Crow.” Jim Crow, in the general sense, consisted of literacy tests, poll taxes, unfair requirements levied against Black voters for the sole purpose of excluding them categorically. That, and the state sanctioned violence and persecution of black people that was Jim Crow.

‘Categorically — ’ is the keyword. The law passed in Georgia doesn’t affect any one group “categorically.”

My thinking on this voter ID law is that the state of Georgia just wants to verify that the people voting in their elections are legal residents (i.e. possess a mailing address for 30 days; intend on staying in Georgia, and so on). Both sides, Republicans and Democrats, are required to get this credential before the next statewide election — the midterm in 2022, I suppose. This is just an ID provided free of charge; and the only requirements are a) being a resident, b) going down to the DMV in the next 18 months, and… well, I guess that’s it. Black voters in Georgia are definitely capable of voting, whatever requirement is asked of them.

The Filibuster Is Racist… In 2020 or 2021?

We must remember that the Democrats, along with the mainstream media, are just as guilty of perpetuating the ‘big lie’ as Donald Trump. This was the 2016 election, of course; and while any questioning of the final tally is completely smothered out by every media outlet, for two years we heard nothing but misinformation from the people on the left.

Not to mention the fact that the Democrats used the filibuster over 300 times in 2020; and now Abrams is telling people that this voter ID law and the filibuster are rooted in “racism and white supremacy…”

Many in Abrams’ party are standing in the way of such a shortsighted action — they’re considering the idea of “unintended consequences” or “karmic comeuppance” — because if the Democrats get rid of the 60–40 majority requirement on all legislation, they will most certainly fall victim to this same uneven form of governance.

It’s sad to see how disingenuous these elected officials are in their feckless attempt to grasp power: to call this filibuster racist, to associate it with “white supremacy” when it was the backbone of their collective action last year.

That term, “white supremacy,” is the ultimate dog-whistle. Aside from its definition as ‘all things white,’ I don’t know if it even means anything now. All the same, it remains a low blow to the vast majority of European descendants in this country who don’t have hatred in their hearts.

The ‘Big Lie’ of the Democratic Party

And to top it all off with this ‘big lie’ nonsense — if we’re talking about “Stop the Steal” election conspiracies — Hillary Clinton still hasn’t ever stopped talking about how the election was stolen from her in 2016. Is this dangerous rhetoric?

Clinton was talking about Trump’s “possible” connections to the Russians, still on January 6th — the day of these Capital riots. She mused on her podcast about the possibility that Trump might be talking to Vladimir Putin as the rioters advanced on the seat of our government.

And like I said before, I actually believed the “Russia-gate” conspiracy in 2017 and 2018. That’s how strong this ‘Big Lie’ messaging was, when it was actually bought and sold wholesale by the MSM.

I assure the reader that I’m not overly gullible; I was looking at all the so-called “facts” presented to me… while I was sitting in Illinois state prison.

And there was no accountability there, no deplatforming, no censorship, nothing came of it at all when it turned out the entire Steele dossier was misinformation and lies. The conspiracy just went away after the Mueller Report, disappearing into the ether.

The New “Jim Crow” of the Democratic Party

But the election’s integrity isn’t the source of my complete divorce from the Democratic Party — telling the American people that their president is a Russian spy — surprisingly enough, that hardly matters to me now.

The ‘big lie’ that concerns me is the perpetuation of this reactionary system of hatred, “critical race theory (CRT),” which is among the most dismal postmodern philosophies. The Democratic lawmakers who have adapted this questionable thinking — not just acquiescing to it, but rather applying to every component of the federal government — I can’t think of a more dangerous, divisive, and harmful conspiracy.

Listening to people espouse critical race theory (CRT) — saying that America is inherently racist, that all white people are “privilege[d]” or inherently racist — well to say the least, it sounds exactly like the grandstanding Ku Klux Klan from the ’20s and ’30s of last century.

Just reverse the racial epithets of a Grand Dragon in the KKK, and you’ve got a tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cory Bush, Ilhan Omar, any of this newest class of Democrats in the House of Representatives…

“Racism is prejudice-plus-power,” Senior Adviser to VP Kamala Harris, Symone Sanders said last year on CNN… And I can’t think of anything more delusional, dangerous, and backhandedly racist.

This is the new Jim Crow… not some law that affects everybody equally in Georgia.

We have elected officials making broad assumptions, negative tropes, and demeaning generalities — all of them coming from Abrams and the Democratic Party — yet no one says anything about it. No one questions a program in Oakland that gives every poor person $500 each month, except for white people.

What in the everlasting fuck is this? There are 10,000 poor white people in Oakland, and none of them will have access to this $500. And if this study — which is what it’s purported to be, a study of universal basic income (UBI) — the results will be considerably skewed if white people aren’t included whatsoever.

“It’s privately funded,” the mayor of Oakland says; and yet it’s publicly administered. Systematic discrimination, racial smears, constant denigrations.

And from this and other policies and top-down messages, it has become abundantly clear now to a fair-minded observer that descendants of Europeans are openly being discriminated against in public discourse, as well as direct government policy. This contradicts the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, as well as the Civil Rights Act. In an attempt to establish equal outcomes, the Democrats have justified not only affirmative action to assist African-Americans, but now blatant and overt “categorical” discrimination against European-Americans.

The New Dixiecrats

So I guess this was Abrams’ point in coming onto television this past week; your takeaways, if you will:

· The blatantly racists “Dixiecrats” are back in the saddle again;

· Jim Crow is alive and well, just with a different target in “white people” this time;

· The ‘Big Lie’ is a topic that Democrats can deal wholesale, while Republicans will be forcibly removed from the discourse if they question the election;

· And it’s time to throw democratic processes in the trash (i.e. the filibuster, states’ election laws);

It’s clear to me that Abrams intends to suspend her Republican enemies’ civil liberties by stoking hatred for “white” people, linking them to all the social ills of modern world, or calling them white supremacists and Nazis (i.e. CRT, Wokeism, and BLM).

Am I reading something wrong here, or is this really what’s going on?

Writer for the project, Black Maria Creative. Interests in criminal justice reform, political strategy, literary commentary, and long-form journalism.