“The trip I took to Nogales…”, “The Hondo’s Story”, “No Women & Children”

Getting arrested at this exact border checkpoint in Amado, Arizona, back in 2017 during President Trump’s presidency…


(198) Guerrilla Literati🧾🎙 Ep. #4 | Voltaire’s “We must crush the vile thing…” & CENSORSHIP IN PUBLISHING — YouTube

I hate doing this, but I feel like it should be said — trigger-warning if you’re a victim of sexual-assault, or any kind of predatory attack. I really disagree with the idea of a “trigger warning;” but all the same, I have sympathy for someone in your situation.

J.A. Krupka

Writer for the project, Black Maria Creative. Interests in criminal justice reform, political strategy, literary commentary, and long-form journalism.

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